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CLEAN BEAUTY: How I Discovered It and Why I Have Never Looked Back

Making choices in the beauty industry has become a bit overwhelming, hasn’t it? I have spent my lifetime in the industry serving with passion, and I have seen how complex this world has become for the consumer.

My real story begins about 20 years ago … after having a burning sensation in my lungs from hairspray, I made the decision – enough is enough!

Clean Beauty is Not a Fad or Trend

If I wanted to continue to do what I love, I needed to change how I did it and what I used. I went on a rampage of investigating and researching and finding like-minded companies that shared the vision of “Clean Beauty.” I soon learned that this was not a fad or a trend, it was real and I could feel it in my body. Clean beauty was worth it. I was living proof that what we put ON our bodies, can end up IN our bodies.

That was it … I threw out every hairspray and every skin and hair product that didn’t have the clean ingredients I was looking for. It was tough and controversial, but somehow, I began to find trust in certain companies that shared my passion for protecting our bodies and the planet. That passion has carried over to our guests that I serve at Colors Beauty and Wellness salon because more people are realizing that you can still pamper yourself with beauty treatments and services but in a cleaner and healthier way.

Safe Beauty Treatments is a Wise Choice

As wise and mature women (that’s how I reference women over 40 today – maybe because I am well past that), we are looking at safe and effective beauty treatments that have an impact on our skin and go far beyond just a moisturizer.

I am often asked in the world of skin treatments, what is safe but effective, and what am I doing? I am committed to great skin care. I care about ingredients that I put on my skin. As a kid, I grew up outside so my skin has definitely been impacted by the sun, so my years have created a story on my face that is mine. I need to care for my skin.

What is currently my skin care regime?

I use Osmosis MD Cleanse, and then a combination on serums (Stem Factor, Catalyst and Correct) to help repair my skin damage.

CLEANSE – restores and balances skin

STEMFACTOR – a growth factor serum that improves all aspects of aging and damage

CORRECT – a preventative retinal serum feeds and remodels the skin, making it smooth, rejuvenated and luminous .

CATALYST AC 11: this DNA repair C serum uses our own cells to reverse aging in the skin, reduce pigmentation, decrease scar tissue, clear capillaries and increase skin elasticity.

Beauty is subjective and whether others see my beauty or not (took me years to be able to say that!!), it is the woman I wake up to every morning and … I have kinda grown fond of her! I value quality ingredients that support my body and my skin at a deeper level.

With my new venture into the skin care industry at Pür GLō, my work with our Naturopathic Doctor and Aesthetics’ team has opened doors to explore clean and natural beauty with an even greater confidence because of a new wealth of knowledge and experience.

I believe in beauty that is authentic and genuine and I am excited to be working with and serving likeminded individuals.

It is not an image, but a feeling that can be found in each one of us. Join us in celebrating beauty, and become a guardian of the woman you see in your mirror. Feel Good ~ Look Great - Joanne Rempel

Author: Joanne Rempel is the Co-Owner of Pür GLō Natural Skin Rejuvenation Centre in Winnipeg, MB. She is also the owner of Color Beauty and Wellness.


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