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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don't see your question answered here, please contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions about our products and services.

Three Generations
  • Where do you ship?
    We offering shipping for online orders to addresses across Canada. For USA addresses, we offer shipping for select products, however, orders that need to be shipped to the USA cannot be made online at this time. Please contact us directly to place an order.
  • How do you ship your orders?
    We ship our orders using Canada post.
  • When can I expect to receive my order?
    We ship your items as quickly as possible. This will take 3 to 7 business days through Canada Post. If your in a hurry please send us an email and we will do our best to accommodate.
  • What is your return policy?
    All returns must be done in the first 15 days of receiving your order. Shipping the product back to Pur Glo is at the expense of the customer.
  • My item was received damaged. What can I do?
    Please report all damaged products within 24 hours. Please keep all original shipping packaging if your product arrives damaged. It may take up to 5 business days to process your return.
  • How long does a microneedling treatment take?
    A treatment generally takes 30 minutes to 1 hour depending on the area being treated. Facial Microneedling takes 60 min.
  • Is there down time following a microneedling treatment?
    Microneedling is a minimally invasive procedure, however, some people experience more redness than others. So after your first visit, 24 hours of healing time is recommended. After 6 hours, you may use mineral make-up.
  • How many microneedling treatments do I need?
    To achieve optimal results, we generally recommend a series of 3-5 treatments every 4-6 weeks followed by a maintenance program. The number and frequency of treatments depends upon the desired results and the condition being treated.
  • Does microneedling hurt?
    A specially formulated numbing/anesthetic cream is applied to the skin to alleviate any discomfort. This numbing cream will not alter the results. It is often referred to as feeling “prickly” or a mild sunburn.
  • What does the microneedling process look like?
    When you book an appointment, you will be sent an electronic intake and consent form to fill out before your appointment. You will be greeted by our Skin Care Team and shown to a private room. We will ensure you are comfortable lying on the treatment table before applying the numbing cream. After 15-20 minutes, we can begin microneedling the desired area. The Skin Care specialist gently glides the pen over your skin, ensuring to cover all affected areas. Our Centre provides additional complimentary support immediately following your treatment by applying a specialized Hyaluronic Acid mask, infusing your skin with added moisture. You will be given an additional Hyaluronic Acid Mask and an ampule of Hyaluronic Acid for at home maintenance in the first 24-48 hours. We believe in pampering you and your skin throughout the entire process with our highly active AlumierMD Skin Care line. A customized prescription plan will be provided by your Naturopathic Doctor.
  • What are the contraindications for a Microneedling treatment?
    While microneedling is safe for most some things to consider are, do consult your treating physician if you have any of the following: - Active Acne (to avoid the spread of bacteria) - Rosacea - Infection of any type- Eczema, Psoriasis or Dermatitis (bacterial, viral or fungal) - Fresh sunburn - Recent chemical peels(with AlumierMD Chemical Facial Peels, microneedling can be done after 2 weeks) - Cardiac Disease (blood thinner medication) - Pregnancy and/or Lactating - Chemotherapy or radiation - Skin Cancer - Accuatane (6-12months) - HIV - Bleeding disorders, haemophilia- impairs the body's ability to make blood clots - Uncontrolled Diabetes - Keloid/hypertrophic scarring - Hormone replacement therapy - Collagen Vascular Disease( lupus, scleroderma, rheumatoid arthritis)- the immune system causes inflammation in the collagen and near by joints. - Botox and fillers: to avoid the spread of toxins for at least 2 weeks - Tattoos and permanent makeup (including micro-blading)
  • Is it normal to experience dryness after a Microneedling session?
    It is very common to experience dryness and/or a feeling of heat or tightness of the skin. Please use the Hyaluronic Acid liberally and frequently immediately following the treatment and for a few days, even if it feels dry using it. It is also important to use the proper skin care post treatment. If you need more Hyaluronic Acid, you can purchase a vial from Pür GLō.
  • Should I incorporate an at-home skin care regimen? Is there aftercare I need to follow?
    A medical-grade skin care regimen is required post treatment. The Naturopathic Doctor and/or one of our Skin Specialists in consultation with you, will design an at-home care program specific to your skins needs.
  • Why is a medical-grade skin care regimen required post treatment?
    It is essential to take advantage of the time following a microneedling treatment, as the skin is primed to absorb nutrients. Using medical grade ingredients means small enough ingredients to be absorbed, and concentrated enough to make a real difference. 50% of your results are from the after care products!
  • Part of the post treatment includes application of Hyaluronic Acid masks. What is Hyaluronic Acid?
    Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is natural-occurring substance in our bodies. HA is critical in the maintenance of our skin’s moisture levels, and is known for its capacity to attract and hold onto 1000x its weight in moisture, which is linked to youthful, soft, supple skin.
  • What are the benefits of a Dermaroller® Hyaluronic Acid Mask?
    Benefits of a Hyaluronic Acid Mask include: • Silk mask soaked with HA , vitamin E and Matrixyl® (a peptide that activates the repair processes of the skin and can lessen UV damage) • Intensively supplies the skin with new moisture • Promotes collagen and elastin production • The lasting effect of the substance starts within 20 minutes. A Hyaluronic Acid Mask provides these additional benefits when combined with our eDermaStamp® microneedling treatment: • A fully comprehensive therapeutic treatment for skin revitalization • Promotes cell vitality and improves the skin’s regenerative ability and actively stimulates skin rejuvenation
  • What are the benefits of using a Dermaroller® after a microneedling treatment?
    The benefits of using a Dermaroller® post-treatment include: • Contributes to the generation of collagen 6 and 7 which is found in the connective tissue between the epidermis and dermis • Enhances infusion of important nutrients • Benefits: Fresher, younger looking skin • Durable – the Dermaroller® can be used 3 times a week for up to one year
  • Are there any side effects to microneedling?
    Side effects are rare but possible. To minimize risk, use designated Dermarolloer equipment and medical grade skincare. Follow the guidelines for treatment and post-care as described by your microneedling tech. When done right, microneedling is one of the most well tolerated and anti-aging treatments available. Infections/Cellulitis: Viral, bacterial, and fungal infections can occur anytime the integrity of the skin is compromised. Pigment Chang: Failure to follow post treatment instructions can raise the risk for hyperpigmentation. You must avoid excessive sun exposure for 1-2 weeks after microneedling. Do not apply sunscreen for 48hrs post treatment. After the skin has calmed down begin to wear a daily SPF facial moisturizer. We recommend a mineral based sunscreen such as AlumierMD. Scarring: abnormal scars may appear. To minimize the risk, avoid picking or peeling the skin during the healing period. It is important to check that you are not prone to Keloid scarring because thickened or keloid scars may result. Pain: slight burning, scratchy and irritated sensation. This is usually temporary and gone within a few hours after treatment. A sudden reappearance of redness or pain is a sign of infection and the client should notify their clinic immediately. Persistent Redness, itching and/or swelling: these are normal symptoms that rarely persist longer than 24 hrs. Treatments received less than 4 weeks apart may induce prolonged symptoms. Allergic Reaction/Granulomas: microneedling increases penetration of topical substances, therefore may cause hypersensitivity to products. Minimize the risk by using topicals made for microneedling such as the post skincare package we give you after your treatment.
  • What kind of AlumierMD Chemical Facial peels do you offer?
    Renew 30: A “red carpet” treatment following 30% lactic acid that provides an instant glow while being gentle enough to reduce the visible signs of aging and discolouration. It enhances skin renewal to firm and strengthen the skin which improves fine lines and wrinkles. AHA Duo: A combination of AHA acids pairing 20% lactic acid with 10% glycolic acid to reduce visible signs of aging and discolouration. It also improves skin tone and texture. BHA 20: A beta hydroxy acid treatment featuring 20% salicylic acid that is suitable for oily skin, improves congestion and clogged pores to help improve acne and discolouration. It is oil soluble, allowing it to penetrate pores to effectively exfoliate dead skin cells,control the sebaceous secretions and acne breakout. Glow Peel: A brightening and resurfacing solution that combines 7% lactic acid, 7% salicylic acid and 7% resorcinol. Typically offered in a series of treatments, Glow Peel can help reduce visible signs of aging, discolouration and acne and can be customized in strength by the number of layers applied.
  • What is a chemical peel and what are the benefits?
    Alumier MD peels are scientifically formulated with results driven ingredients for all skin types and concerns. Professional treatments work synergistically with homecare to provide a 360° approach to achieving healthy, glowing skin. AlumierMD professional peels are formulated to provide the most effective results by utilizing only pure acids. Brightening Accelerator contains a unique ingredient blend and is applied post peel for additional brightening and rejuvenating benefits. Whether you're concerned with Aging, Hyperpigmentation, Acne and even Sensitive Skin, AlumierMD's Health Canada approved peels can help address your concerns. Alumier MD Chemical peels offer light to medium depths as they are known for their excellent results and safety profile. Your customized peel will provide dull, tired, or breakout skin with a fresh start lifting away the top layers to reveal healthy skin cells beneath. A single chemical peel can provide immediate effects of brightness and radiance or as we call it, your “Pur Glo”. For optimal results you can combine peels in between with our signature Pur Glo Facials and Microneedling and for optimal results by using Alumier MD at home. We recommend a series of 3-6 treatments. Cost ~ please note a consultation must be booked first to determine the best peel suited for your skin type. $195 individual $488 pkg of 3 $975 for a Pkg of 6
  • Are there any contraindications to chemical peels?
    To reduce inflammation in the skin and subsequent risk of post-inflammatory pigmentation, avoid sun exposure and tanning beds for at least four weeks prior to treatment. Laser/IPL/radio frequency/ chemical peel should be avoided for four weeks prior to treatment. Filler injections should be avoided for two weeks prior to treatment. Toxin injections/microdermabrasion/enzymatic peeling/waxing/threading should be avoided for seven days prior to treatment. The area to be treated should not be shaved 24hrs prior to treatment. Chemical Peels are not suitable if you: - Contraindications are pregnancy/breastfeeding - Cold sores within 7 days. If you are prone to cold sores take your medication a day before just in case. -Accutane within the past 6 months -Tanning including tanning beds, shaving must be avoided for 24 hrs to avoid irritation and discomfort. - Undiagnosed skin lesions - Retinoids and AHA’s and BHA’s most be avoided 5-7 prior to your treatment.
  • How often can I have a chemical facial peel?
    For Acne we recommend a peel every two weeks For Hyperpigmentation every 3 weeks For Sensitive skin (incl. Rosacea) and Anti Aging Skin every 4 weeks
  • What is the aftercare for a chemical facial peel?
    AlumierMD skin treatments result in minimal downtime but create visible and dramatic results. However, treatments may cause the following for two to 24 hours (these are normal , expected outcomes and are not a reason for concern): ~ redness/tightness/Itchiness/ Sensitivity/Slight swelling Specific treatments may cause the following for three to five days and you might experience temporary dryness, skin peeling and flaking. Following a specific treatment like the Glow Peel or Power Glow Peel you will be asked to avoid getting your skin wet for eight hours. Following treatment, you will be asked to avoid makeup, fake tan, direct sun exposure, ice or ice water on the treated area(like a Glow or Power Glow peel)and excessive heat for the rest of the day. Following treatment you will be asked to avoid hot tubs, steam rooms,saunas, excessive hot showers, swimming and aerobic exercise for two days. As well avoid using BHA, AHA skincare for three to five days. Avoid electrolysis, waxing, threading and any other forms of hair removal for seven days. Skip the tanning booths, facial scrubs or mechanical forms of exfoliation, retinoic acid, laser hair removal, photofacials, chemical peels or microdermabrasion for 14 days. You will be given a Post Peel Kit, which contains SensiCalm Cream Cleanser, Hydrating Recovery Balm and Sheer Hydration Broad-Spectrum Sunscreen SPF 40 Untinted. Use this kit for the next 5-7 days.
  • Do I need to prep my skin before hand?
    It is recommended for all skin types to prepare for a minimum of 14 days prior to a peel using AlumierMD homecare products including a medical-grade broad spectrum sunscreen. By improving skin health before your treatment, you will allow for better treatment results and reduce the risk of complications. The use of specific AlumierMD home care products for a minimum of 14 days prior to a peel, and during a course of peels, is essential for patients with darker skin tones to reduce the risk of post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. We recommend the Prep & Enhance Kit. Your skin care professional will build a hyper-customized skincare program to suit your skin type and condition. To reduce sensitivity on the day of treatment, avoid the use if Retinol Resurfacing Serum(and other retinol brands you may be using), Neck & Decollote Firming Cream, Retinol Eye Gel for seven days prior to treatment. The use of Bright & Clear Solution(and any other AHA/BHA, exfoliating products), Enzymatic Peel, AHA Serum, Acne Clarifying Cleanser and Acne Balancing Serum should be avoided for two to three days before your peel. Other topical treatments to avoid Avoid the use of all retinoid products(retinol, Retin A, Tazorac) and high levels of AHA and BHA products approximately seven days prior to treatment. Consult your physician before temporarily discontinuing the use if any prescription medications.

This Micro needling treatment changed my life, I’ve gone for three sessions And my skin has never looked or felt better my whole life, I struggle with problematic acne adult type skin which had my confidence at its lowest. I would highly recommend this…it will not disappoint.🤗

Jackie K.

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