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Facial Peels

If you have skin concerns such as Aging, Hyperpigmentation, Acne, or even Sensitive Skin, then you may want to try our AlumerMD Chemical Peels.

Why we like AlumierMD
Chemical Peels:

  • They are Health Canada approved.

  • They are scientifically formulated.

  • They have results-driven ingredients for all skin types and concerns.

  • They provide dull, tired, or breakout skin with a fresh start by lifting away the top layers to reveal healthy skin cells beneath.

  • They offer light to medium depths, which are known for excellent results and safety profile.

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How many treatments do you need?

A single chemical peel may provide immediate effects of brightness and radiance or as we call it, your "Pur Glo". However, a series of 3-6 treatments based on skin care concerns is recommended for optimal results.

We recommend:

For Acne: A peel every two weeks.

For Hyperpigmentation: A peel every 3 weeks.

For Sensitive Skin (including Rosacea) and Anti-Aging Skin: A peel every 4 weeks.


Individual Peel:

Package of 3 Peels:

Package of 6 Peels: 




Contraindications are pregnancy/breastfeeding, cold sores within 7 days, Accutane within the past 6 months, and tanning including tanning beds. 

For optimal results:

  • Combine peels in between our signature Pür GLō Facials or Microneedling Treatments.

  • Use AlumierMD medical-grade skin care products at home.

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