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Pro-Aging: Two Secrets to Staying Younger

Beauty Inside-Out, Outside-In

What if I told you that I have a couple of secrets to share on how to slow down aging?

Have you reached that next stage in your life where you see the wrinkles, grey hairs and extra pounds sneaking up on you? Maybe menopause has already shown up or is just waiting around the corner. Changes are inevitable.

I’ve caught myself letting out a sigh as I see a pretty 25-year old walking by. But I remind myself that I was 25 too once, just like they will one day be my age. I remind myself that what they bring to the table with their youth and zest for life, we bring our wisdom and experiences – for all we’ve been through earning each grey hair and wrinkle. Paying bills, suffering ills and whatever else life has thrown at us…

We are survivors.

We are warriors.

We are women.

While our exterior may not be what it once was, it is traded for our spirit, our courage and our strength to enter this chapter of our lives with love, understanding for others and pride for all we’ve been through and accomplished.

As we start to see the years slowly making their mark on our bodies, although we’ve rightfully earned them, they still may make us feel a bit uncomfortable; change is not always easy. But believe it or not, the first secret to delay aging is to actually embrace it.

Secret #1: Pro-Aging ~ Change How You Think About Aging

Aging is a privilege and the way we perceive aging can actually influence how we age. It is like a self-fulfilling prophecy; the idea of how we embrace aging, whether our attitude is positive or negative, can affect our health and well-being in either direction. Emotional turmoil and negative thinking can have a significant impact on our aging processes.

Researchers from Yale University looked at 660 participants between the ages of 50 and 80 who participated in a community based study on how self-perception of aging impacted survival over the course of 22.6 years, finding that a positive attitude about their own aging… such as feeling useful and happy… lived, on average, 7.5 years longer.(1)

A woman beautifully pro-aging.

Good-Bye Anti-Aging, Hello Pro-Aging

Let us say goodbye to the Anti-Aging movement and the negative impact it portrayed on getting older. It somehow implied that we should dread aging. Pro-aging, on the other hand, celebrates aging. Pro-aging encourages us to embrace healthier behaviours, feeling more in control of how we age which can heighten our immune systems and increase our productivity. Being pro-active in life can have a tremendous impact on our personal outlook, satisfaction and actual happiness.

So, a positive approach can help slow down the aging process, but that is just one tool to help us walk forward with beauty and confidence. Another secret is to make sure we keep our Dermis happy.

Secret #2 – Skin Deep – Understanding Your Skin Care Regimen

Increased research and product development lead us into our next phase of understanding skin health. As someone in the beauty industry for 40 years, what I have come to understand firsthand, is that we must nourish and care for our skin more than the Epidermis layer (the outer most layer of the skin.) We treat this layer with topical skin creams that penetrate to moisturize and hydrate, but they do not go deep enough to nourish and repair the Dermis (the second layer of skin) where blood flow exists, feeding the skin. The Dermis is the layer where skin enhancing changes can actually happen. Topical moisturizers make the skin feel smooth and plump, however, have little to do with the long-term reduction of fine lines, wrinkles and age spots. How do we nourish the Dermis? Well, the Dermis has a good friend called Collagen.

You Need Collagen for Healthy Skin

Collagen plays a major role in the appearance of our skin tone and how well our skin ages. Unfortunately, Collagen begins to diminish naturally around age 25. That’s why we want to ensure we have practices and products within our skin care regimen that assist the stimulation, reintroduction and absorption of Collagen so it will be there to help keep our Dermis healthy. So, how do we get Collagen if we are losing it as we age?

Some ways to increase Collagen Production:

  • Microneedling Treatments*

  • Eating Bone Broth

  • Taking a Collagen Supplement such as Whole Body Collagen (Available at Pür GLō Natural Skin Rejuvenation Centre)

Microneedling – Stimulating Natural Collagen Production

Collagen Induction Therapy (Microneedling) helped start my pro-aging journey by making my skin become more toned and radiant as it stimulated natural collagen production in my body. I also included Osmosis MD skin care into my skin care routine. These medical-grade ingredients are just so active that I saw results very quickly. A bonus secret is that I also incorporated Bone Broth into my diet, which provided me with additional Collagen. People I had not seen in a while noticed the difference immediately and asked me what I was doing with my skin. Encouraging!!

Pro-Aging – Feel Good and Beautiful

I fight writing this because it seems vain when I type the words; my true core believes that it is internal beauty that matters yet, here I am talking about how happy that I have an external glow to me again. But I share this with you because at the end of the day, I feel good. I feel good about the way my skin looks. I know that feeling good feeds my spirit. I know how it impacts my mental health and personal outlook on life. I have finally given up on being perfect…and I have a lifetime to work on the things that will continue to improve my health but I feel more in control and ready to meet each day. The aches and pains may still be there, but I have a greater desire to get up and keep moving. Pro-Aging means to feel beautiful and healthy and happy. What better way to move forward!

Joanne Rempel, co-owner of Pür GLō Natural Skin Rejuvenation Centre, located in Winnipeg, MB.

Joanne Rempel – co-owner of Pür GLō Natural Skin Rejuvenation Centre in Winnipeg, MB

Author: Joanne Rempel is the Co-Owner of Pür GLō Natural Skin Rejuvenation Centre in Winnipeg, MB Canada. She is also the owner of Color Beauty and Wellness.


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