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Director of Aesthetics

Contrary to beliefs, Jordy was not looking at the Beauty Industry as her life long profession. Jordy’s original plan was to pursue a career to help people in some way - as a nurse or chiropractor. 

Out of school, she went to Aesthetics School as her way to pay for chiropractic college or nursing school. But, with a family run Beauty & Wellness salon, she quickly realized she was doing what she always wanted to do and what she was passionate about, and that was helping and serving people. 

To her shock and amazement she found her passion and mission fulfilled here at home...but in a different way. Growing up in a home where natural wellness played a huge part of her life, she knew whatever she decided to do in the beauty world, natural wellness would remain an important element.

"Recognizing and appreciating Beauty in every area of life is important to me. What Natural wellness means to me, being an Aesthetician, is aiding in healing, internally and externally. Skin is an amazing organ - we should utilize what is has to offer and listen to it. 

Working alongside Naturopathic Doctors makes us an incredible team and takes my mission and passion to new heights. I cannot wait to see what our future holds!" - Jordy

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