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Licensed Aesthetician

For Brianna, becoming an aesthetician was an easy decision. Her love for makeup at a young age was a true sign, but her love for skin became a passion when she, herself, began the struggle with acne as a teen to a young adult.

"I understand skin and the emotions of having difficulties with my skin. It is emotional and I get it…I understand and appreciate that in those that struggle with skin concerns…this is why I connect well with these clients." - Brianna

Her 4 years in the industry has taught her lots, and her passion is to help people who are going through acne just like her.

Brianna has a healers heart, and loves facials. A facial is a touch based therapy and is not just pampering…it's healing.

Briannas has had huge success with Osmosis MD as well as Microneedling. 

As a Skin Care Specialist at Pür GLō and Microneedling Specialist, the results she is seeing in her clients has given her new found excitement in the treatment of skin, including her own. She wants others to enjoy the same experience, of finding your beauty and feeling confident in your own skin.

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