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SKIN TYPE: Oily Skin


Oily and combination skin types require deep cleansing that removes dirt and controls oil without causing irritation.

The unique combination of rosemary, and lavender essential oils creates a powerful but gentle natural antiseptic, helping the skin to nourish itself while fighting acne and controlling sebum production for ultra-clean skin, witch Hazel, and aloe vera helps to increase skin's natural radiance, making the Cleansing Gel suitable even for sensitive skin.


Sizes: 120 ml

VIVA Aromatherapy Cleansing Gel

    • Deep cleanses the skin
    • Helps fight off bad bacteria
    • Skin looks refreshed and energized
    • Improves texture of the skin
    • Removes non-waterproof make up


    WHY WE LIKE THIS PRODUCT: Not your typical gel cleanser - aloe infused helps combat acne and aging.


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