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Gift with purchase: receive a free facial (valued at $120) when you purchse a MySkinBuddy!

Experience an even better Boost with MYSKINBUDDY’s NEW and improved, game-changing handheld device. The New MSB Boost offers one thousand more vibrations per minute, almost twice as many LED bulbs, two added new colors, and an improved stainless steel treatment head. The Boost also implements combination lights in each setting to offer users more skin benefits in less time.

What's included?

MYSKINBUDDY DeviceHolding StandUSB Charger

User Manual

MYSKINBUDDY is the revolutionary facial device that utilizes four proven technologies to help you achieve a clearer complexion, brighter and even skin tone, and a more youthful appearance.

Ultrasonic Vibration

Ion Care

Photon LED therapy (Light Emitting Diode) Red/ Blue/ GreenThermal Heat Therapy.


Enjoy 6 Convenient Ready to Go Settings:
1. Deep Cleansing & Exfoliation/Brightetning

with Anti-aging benefits
Red LED/White LED/ Thermal Heat Therapy/Positive Ion Care/Ultrasonic Vibration


2. Acne Treatment & Prevention/Infusion
Blue LED/Red LED/ Ultrasonic Vibration/Negative Ion Care

3. Calming & Skin Brightening/Infusion

Green LED/Yellow LED/ Ultrasonic Vibration/Negative Ion Care

4. Skin Rejuventation & Anti-Aging/Infusion
Red LED/Green LED
Ultrasonic Vibration/Negative Ion Care


5. Multi-Sypmtom/Infusion
with product infusion

Ultrasonic Vibration/Negative Ion Care


6. Light-Free/Infusion

with product Infusion/Ultrasonic Vibration/Negative Ion Care


Four Proven Technologies: Ultrasonic Vibration /Iontophoresis/ LED Therapy / Thermal Heat.

Ultrasonic Vibration: 8,500 pulses per minute/14KHz: gently breaks up dead skin cells / lifting / improves product penetration.

With the power of 8,500+ ultrasonic vibrations per minute, the user is able to enjoy a soothing mini massage while breaking up dead skin skills, lifting, firming and tightening the skin.

* Iontophoresis: (+/-): low level magnetic/electrical current to attract debris and increase permeability.

Gently, yet effectively, positively-charged ions work to attract and pull impurities from the skin while negatively-charged ions enhance product penetration.

* LED Therapy: Red 630 nm / Green 520 nm / Blue 460 nm /Green Yellow 575nm/White LED 460nm

1 watt output / 6 bulbs / Eye Safe / Home safe

The beneficial wavelengths of Light Emitting Diode Therapy have been proven and shown to improve the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, fights bacteria that leads to acne, reduces redness and promotes brightening and even skin tone.

* Thermal Heat: (104°F-113°F) Aids in emulsifying dirt for easier extractions/ improves circulation/ natural oxygenation/ plumping.

The combination of heat with the deep cleansing ions aids in emulsifying dirt and oil so that it can easily be swept away. Thermal heat therapy has also been shown to improve with skin tightening, promoting more oxygen to the cells by improving blood circulation and shrinking pore size.


2 year warranty


  • How soon after Botox, Sculptra, fillers and microneedling?
    Wait 24 hours post Botox.Wait 4-6 weeks post Fillers and Sculptra.Wait 24 hours post Microneedling.

    Why is MYSKINBUDDY™ a contraindication for Pregnancy, Epilepsy and immune disorders?
    MSB is very safe but offers a low level electrical current that has not been tested on individuals with immune disorders. MSB has had clients clear it with their doctor, so we always suggest that as well if you are considering using it at home.

    What skincare products can I use with MYSKINBUDDY™?
    MYSKINBUDDY is designed to be compatible with all your favorite skincare products. If you’re not sure about which products to use, visit or contact an MSB expert near you for suggestions that best suit your skin type!

    How long does MYSKINBUDDY last after a full charge?
    MYSKINBUDDY™ will last up to 60 minutes of use after a full charge. We suggest charging in between uses to avoid disruption of treatment.

    My cleanser/product dries too quickly. What are some tips?
    If you’re using a serum, it may feel tacky on the skin and drag. We suggest adding a drop of moisturizer or lipid to the skin, or mist the skin with a hydrating toner.Another option is to apply the serum all over. Wait 1-2 minutes until fully absorbed. You may then use MSB on dry skin and move around the skin. If your cleanser dries due to the heat, you may apply more water to your skin or mist your skin with a spray bottle or hydrating toner as needed.

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