Erica Ashmore

Erica Ashmore

Aesthetician/Skincare Specialist

Erica Ashmore, originally from Winnipeg, moved to Toronto in her late teens and began her skincare career working in an Aromatherapy clinic in one of that city's most elite neighbourhoods, Forest Hill where she trained with renowned aromatherapist and skincare specialist Patricia Miller. Erica's passion for aromatherapy and holistic skin treatments blossomed here and lead to her enrolling at the Canadian Aesthetic Academy where she graduated with Honours in 2003.

Immediately after graduation she began at the Stillwater Spa at the Park Hyatt Hotel, one of the leading spas in North America, and was able to hone her craft to a high level. Her clientele included many A-list celebrities, politicians and business leaders. When Stillwater was closed due to extensive hotel renovations, Erica moved to Clarins Spa in Yorkville and continued to provide the same peerless services to a very discerning clientele.

After the birth of her first child, and then subsequent twins, Erica made the decision to become a stay-at-home mom which eventually led happily to a move back to Winnipeg with her husband (also from Winnipeg) and family.

Erica was a 'Holistic Esthetician' long before the term was coined and is creating a strong foundation in customized facial treatments, home care regimens and lifestyle choices and genuine wellness as a part of standard care.  She is very glad to be back!