SKIN TYPE: Pigmentation, Dull Skin, Elasticity, Enlarged Pores,


The Superfood Detox Mask is specially formulated with organic camu camu, pomegranate, hibiscus, ginseng + papaya, to deeply cleanse and detoxify pores of impurities, while nourishing skin with nutrition-packed Superfoods that leave the complexion bright, fresh and glowing for days.  After just one use- pores are visibly refined and smaller, skin looks clean, clear, bright, fresh, smooth, toned, and happy-looking- with a revitalized fresh n’ healthy glow.  This is your skin’s secret beauty power!


Sizes: 56g

Huna Revitalize Superfood Detox Mask

    • 95.5% Organic
    • Deep cleanses and detoxifies pores
    • Feeds, nourishes and brightens skin
    • Gently exfoliates
    WHY WE LIKE THIS PRODUCT: Detoxify, deep-cleanse, and draw out impurities, make-up, bacteria, dirt, pollution, grime, excess sebum, and acne-causing impurities. At the same time, deeply nourish and feed skin with nutritious Superfoods