SKIN TYPE: Dry or Dehydrated Skin, Inflamed or Sensitive Skin


Nourish Cleansing Gelée + Moisture Mask with organic Calendula, Carrot + Camellia, doubles as a 2-in-1 product- both a nourishing daily cleanser and a moisture-infusing weekly facial mask treatment. This innovative hypoallergenic and unscented ‘oleo-gel’ cleanser is so unique… it begins as a oil-based gel with the most incredible texture, and just a few drops of water transforms the gel into a creamy cleansing milk. Gently and mildly cleanses dry, dehydrated, sensitive and inflammatory-prone skin without compromising the skin’s natural protective moisture barrier. Use daily as a gel-to-milk cleanser, and use twice weekly as a soothing, calming, moisture-infusing facial mask. Leaves skin feeling perfectly moisturized, hydrated, clean, comforted, calm, smooth and fresh. Comes with spatula for dispensing.


Sizes: 40g

Huna Nourish Cleansing Gelée + Moisture Mask